​​​​​Arizona Natural Doctors

Arizona Natural Doctors (AZNDs)

Arizona Natural Doctor’s mission statement is to provide an alternative to traditional medical care to help patients obtain and maintain a healthier more active lifestyle.  The fundamental elements of Arizona Natural Doctors LLC are to promote preventive medicine.   

The Clinical Division manages primary healthcare, herbal medicine, physical exams, health assessments, weight loss programs, nutritional counseling, acupuncture, and lab testing.  

The Pharmacy division manages pharmaceuticals both prescribed and over the counter (OTC), supplements, medicine, juices, perfumes, essential oils, cosmetics, plant-based food, protein shakes, fruit and vegetables juices.  

DBA AZNDs Enterprises:   Core Capabilities: medical services, medical equipment, medical services, medical staffing; administrative and program management; contract management; logistics and human resource management.  

Our Vision:  Promote Preventative Medicine

Our Mission:  Provide an alternative to traditional medical care to help patients obtain and maintain a healthier more active lifestyle.   

Our Goals:  Treat acute and chronic conditions by searching out the root cause;  Provide treatments based on a holistic approach considering whole body as an integrated system

Arizona Natural Doctors (AZNDs) is located in the heart of Mesa, Ste 1, Mesa AZ 85201. 3 blocks away from historical downtown Mesa.  This location is ideal, because of its central location to Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, ASU and MCC campuses. This location is accessible to Interstate I-10, Highways 60, 101, and 202. The location is within close proximity to Walgreen, downtown historical Mesa, Fiesta Mall, Riverview Mall, and the new Clubs base stadium.