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What is HCG?  HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone naturally produced by the placenta in pregnancy women, which almost completely control the metabolic function via the hypothalamus throughout pregnancy.  The HCG used in the HCG treatment protocol is the same HCG used for fertility treatments but in a much smaller dose.

How much weight will I lose doing The HCG treatment protocol?  Most people doing the HCG injections report losses of .05-2 lbs per day.  At the very least 5 lbs a week and the most 3+ lbs a day.  Factors that guarantee keeping the weight off once the injections are finished is completing the maintenance phase.

Will I starve on 500 calories while doing HCG?  This is where most people get skeptical.  Your body will still have enough energy due to the burning of stored fat inside abnormal fat cells.  You may notice hunger pangs or craving at times; but for the most part, they won’t be a major concern.

What does the HCG injection do?  The amount of the HCG needed for The HCG treatment protocol is much smaller than the amount that’s are naturally produced during pregnancy.  When HCG is used in this way, it directs your body to use your abnormal fat as energy.  The HCG injections increases your metabolic rate to burn fat quicker than the normal rate if not doing the injections.  The increased metabolism makes it possible to lose upwards of two pounds every day while doing HCG injections.  The HCG injections also work as an appetite suppressant yet they help to keep your body in a healthy condition. 

Will the HCG get me pregnant?  First question most frequently asked about pregnancy is whether HCG will cause a woman to be more fertile, since it is commonly used for that purpose.  The answer is Not likely though possible.  You are more likely to get pregnant while doing HCG injection then while not doing HCG injections.  The amount of HCG used to increase fertility is at a much higher dose than what is used to for The HCG treatment protocol.

Are there any side effects?  As with any type of medical treatment when using HCG there may be side effects to include nausea, fatigue, hair loss or dryness, acne, headaches, sudden mood swings.  Some people might notice a rash that could show up after their HCG injections begin or end.  Some female experience changes in their menstrual cycle while on HCG these irregularities typically resolved after completing of the program. 

Can I still take my medication while on HCG?  Yes as long as the medication do not interfere with the endocrine system.  Prescribed medications will be reviewed on a case by case basis during your consultation; all other over the counter medications are prohibited with the exception of an occasional aspirin/acetaminophen.  A daily multivitamin or liquid supplement may be taken each day.

Is it true you can’t use lotion or makeup?  Nothing with oil or parabens should be used at any time during the HCG injection phase including:  Hair care products including shampoo, conditioner, gels, hair sprays; soap, bath salts, shower gel, deodorant, lotions (face and body); cosmetics containing parabens, oils, and/or chemicals.  Mineral makeup may be used as well as mascara, eyeliner, and lipstick.  Antiperspirants and deodorant containing aluminum should not be used.  Sources for natural products:  Whole foods, Sprouts, Arizona Natural Doctors, True Med Spa, or other providers of natural products.  Type your paragraph here.

Is HCG approved for weight loss?  The FDA has not determined that it has sufficient evidence to indicate HCG is effective as a weight loss aid; however, thousands of people all over the world have safely and successfully lost weight with the assistance of HCG.  However,  Our Physician will have the final say on who may and who may not qualify for HCG treatment protocol after taking a complete medical history, doing a physical exam, and reviewing your most recent labs.